SafetyLit® Foundation, Inc.
Preventing Injuries by Providing InformationTM
Safety Is Multidisciplinary

At least 30 distinct professional disciplines contribute their knowledge to the science and practice of injury prevention. Nonetheless, when preparing to take action, few experts in any one of these fields will take the trouble to consult the published works of persons working in other disciplines. Even when they might want to do so, they very likely do not know where to look – there are hundreds of specialty databases that serve as indices to the literature of the various disciplines. SafetyLit provides a single place that combines the publications of these many disciplines and provides a search system that is quite straightforward to use.

Professional Disciplines Represented in SafetyLit

Agriculture, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, biology, business & public administration, chemistry, consumer product testing, criminology, demography, dentistry, economics, education, engineering specialties, epidemiology, ergonomics, faith scholarship, fire suppression & prevention, forensic specialties, genetics, geography, geology, history, industrial design, interior design, journalism, law & law enforcement, literature, mathematics, media studies, medicine, meteorology, nursing, occupational safety & hygiene, oceanography, pharmacology, philosophy, physics, physiology, political science & policy, psychology, public health, social work, sociology, sports & kinematics, statistics, theology, toxicology, transportation, urban planning, and other fields.